Tuesday, 31 January 2012

                                                               NOTTINGHAM INDYMEDIA STATEMENT


Yes here at Notts indymedia being the militants that we are, we are urging all Anti-fascists and communists to join up with violent Somalian immigrants and the Muslim residents in Leicester this Saturday, seen as Anti-fascist numbers have now been reduced to nothing we need to exploit immigrants as muscle against fascists, as most Anti-fascists are completely useless at physical confrontations, so we are going to use the Muslim community to fight the EDL with.  We urge all Anti-fascists not to attend the UAF demonstration, but to travel to Muslim community, of course it has its dangers on a few occasions us white leftists have been attacked by Muslims but it acceptable as our ancestors were white people who enslaved the third world.

                                                                           WHY SIDE WITH MUSLIMS ?

The answer is simple, here at Notts indymedia we support communism and our main target for destruction is the British isles and British culture, so we are going to fight along side militant Muslims to smash flag waving English patriots.  We will be shouting "Nazi scum" whilst our Muslim comrades will be shouting "allah u akbar.
                                             LEICESTER POLICE DEDICATED TO CRIME PREVENTION

Leicester police have finally announced the route of the EDL march on February the 4th, and we have decided to route the EDL march right near an area called St Matthews which is full of Somalians, brilliant idea don`t you think? the march also travels through Belgrave gate which is part of the Hindu community.  Officers had complained about the possibility of being stood around doing nothing so we have decided to put some entertainment on.  Like the previous EDL demo  in 2010 when we allowed massive groups of Muslims to charge into the EDL coaches, we also allowed the two conflicting groups to clash in Leicester. Rob Nixon is in charge of the march route, this is the same genius who planned the previous EDL rendezvous in Leicester, which resulted in serious public disorder.
We have also decided to allow Anti-fascists to enter ethnic communities so they can stir up more violence and hatred, so Saturday should be an interesting day, we will be out in full force with police dogs that we allowed to bite just about anybody last time even one of our own police officers was badly savaged by a police dog.

Leicester police constabulary.

Monday, 30 January 2012


Weyman Bennett is currently being examined by a psychiatrist for possible tourettes syndrome, a comrade of Weyman`s had watched a program on the disorder and then began to suspect the Bennett could possibly have the disorder, Weyman was using the terms Nazi and Fascist and Hitler up to three hundred times a day even in inappropriate situations such as in restaurants and playing golf, this has lead to hostility from members of the public.  A psychiatrist stated the Bennett was not using vulgar abusive language that many tourettes sufferers use, but his use of vocabulary was very inappropriate.  Bennett was encouraged to attend art therapy sessions in order to gain an insight into Bennett`s mind, nearly everything Bennett did all related back to Fascism so a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder was made, however tourettes has not been ruled out.

A tourettes sufferers vacation was held in Paris in France where Bennett was also grouped in with idiot savants and people with special needs, the group was near the Eiffel tower when Bennett spotted a tourist with a union jack t-shirt, Weyman began shouting Nazi and Fascist at the tourist, there was a brief confrontation before a group leader intervened and managed to calm the situation down.  Cognitive therapy sessions were also tried but to no avail.  During a group session the other members were swearing and using abusive language but Weyman was just kept shouting Holocaust and Nazi and racist.  During England football matches Weyman`s condition deteriorates severely to the point where he is actually shouting the words racist and Nazi nearly seven hundred times a day, at a pub in Blackpool Weyman was chased by England football supporters for calling them fascists.

Although Bennett`s behaviour has made him an Anti-fascist celebrity many doctors are now considering if Bennett has an actual disorder, if so then drugs could be used to sedate Bennett which could possibly affect his position in the UAF.
                                                 EDL MINORITY DIVISIONS EXPOSED AS A FRAUD

Anti-fascists can now reveal that the EDL minority divisions are a complete fraud, and how Tommy Robinson encouraged EDL members to attend his tanning salon in order to darken their skin, also EDL members were encouraged to use tanning cream, and black hair dyes to make themselves appear Asiatic.  Guramit Singh whose real name is Graham Smith has been using the products for a long period of time, his Northern accent is testimony to his English working class origins.  Tommy Robinson also employed a make up artist to work on Guramit before demonstrations, the result actually appeared realistic.

The launch of the EDL angels division was originally a complete disaster as it only attracted three members, in order to combat the problem Robinson rushed out to local charity shops and purchased women's clothes for male EDL members to pose in for photographs, this was the launch of the angels divisions, which also promoted the argument that the EDL would protect women's rights from Islam.  One EDL supporter from Bristol stated that Tommy wanted us to dress up in women's clothes with long haired wigs and mini skirts, some members were not comfortable this but Tommy offered to buy a round beers in afterwards so everybody agreed, the photos actually looked genuine.

Anti-fascists can also reveal that Abdul the EDL`S Muslim supporter is also false.  Abdul who is fifty years of age is actually a ventriloquist`s dummy that Robinson purchased at an auction, Abdul was sent to Japan where he was connected to a remote control, the EDL were not charged for this favour as Robinson had just signed a deal with Zanussi in which EDL members were encouraged to buy Zanussi products.  Anti-fascists can also reveal how Robinson travelled to Norfolk to launch an EDL farmers division, Robinson attended a meeting where he was dressed up in a sheep costume, he delivered a speech to locals in which he claimed that the EDL would protect the British farming industry from foreign imports and halal meat products.

                                                           THE INITIAL LAUNCH OF THE ANTI-RACIST EDL

The media ran a story on the EDL being an Anti-racist organisation where Black members set fire to a swastika flag, this was also a myth.  Tommy employed an airbrush artist to spray dark brown paint on activists arms and faces, the photo session appeared to go well, but after the session the EDL activists were horrified to discover that the artist had sprayed them with permanent paint, one activist returned home only to discover his partner phoning the police believing that there was a burglar in the family home.  Another activist was unable to remove his balaclava as it had stuck to his face, afterwards he went to a shop to buy ice cream, but the owner of the shop pressed a panic alarm button that went directly through to the local police station, armed police then raided the shop and arrested the man, the activist had to explain the embarrassing situation to the police.
                                                    ANTI-FASCIST ACTIVIST EVICTED FROM FLAT

                                                                   PORTSMOUTH NAZI WATCH

Portsmouth Nazi watch is an organisation dedicated to combating Nazism in the portsmouth area, unfortunately there are no actual Nazis in the portsmouth area so we have decided to persecute flag waving English patriots.

                                      PORTSMOUTH NAZI WATCH IS A STREET ACTIVE MOVEMENT

Members of Portsmouth Nazi watch demonstrated outside the local swimming pool where a suspected EDL supporter was employed, we demanded that the man be sacked from his job.  We were also joined by comrade Weyman Bennett who staged a rooftop protest, the building had to be evacuated through fear that the roof could possibly collapse, in all it was a constructive day and the swimming pool lost a days takings.


                                                                                   THE ENVIRONMENT

We support the environment and have staged a number of protests, and comrade Bennett chained himself to some trees that were due to be cut down, however Bennett was attacked by a group of Nazi squirrels that carried out a vicious attack, the demonstration finished when a rabid pipistrelle bat that had flown across the English channel bit Weyman.  Portsmouth Nazi watch members also blocked a group of council workers who were attempting to remove deadly night shade berries.  We also believe in mink liberation, we believe that mink should be liberated from mink farms and allowed to run around attacking ground nesting birds.


We believe in no borders and that as many immigrants as possible should be allowed to arrive in the UK, not only that we believe people should house immigrants and pay them their wages.


We believe that all school pupils from the age of thirteen should be tested for right wing views, if this is proved then they should be prevented from studying all science subjects as people with fascist tendencies could attempt to learn genetic engineering and then attempt to recreate Adolf Hitler from cloned Hitler DNA from a petri dish, even more terrifying is that right wing scientists could attempt to hybridise Hitler with a dangerous animal such as a panther or a lion, or possibly a mountain goat or even worse a sheep

So there we have a basic introduction to Portsmouth Nazi watch.

You didn`t think us Anti-fascists would do this, but we are going to support the men who are charged with numerous cases of sexual abuse in Rochdale, the defendants are due to appear at Liverpool crown court and us Anti-fascists will be there to support them.  Unite against fascism will be present and councillor Joe Anderson supports our demonstration, also councillor Liouse Baldcock from the chair of equality and diversity supports the demonstration.  The EDL and the BNP are exploiting the case for political purposes, us Anti-fascists are also going to exploit the case and use it an excuse to make complete nuisances of ourselves in public, we will be shouting irrelevant slogans such as "Auschwitz never again" "Belson never again" so if you want to make a complete idiot out of yourself then come and support the Anti-fascist demonstration on February 6th, we are expecting absolutely masses of support from the general public.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

                                                            COMMUNIST FILM FESTIVAL IN LEEDS

Anti- fascists are having a 2 day rendezvous in Leeds celebrating Communism, we have 2 days of communist films some of which are in Spanish, we will also be playing a game called "the dead fascist" in which a member of the audience dresses up as Adolf Hitler, then other members of the audience take turns in manually strangling the Hitler look alike.  Communism has killed around 80 million people around the globe and us Anti-fascists will be celebrating it.  We will be selling Che Guevara t shirts and pro I.R.A  material aswell as cd`s by the Wolftones

                                                                        WHY NOT MOVE TO CUBA?

If you support Communism so much then why not move to Cuba? we will be advising activists on living in Cuba, a few words in spanish, soy communista = I am a Communist, yo no soy fascista = I am not a fascist, Yo detesto capitalismo = I detest capitalism, here`s another one you will need for when the toilet and drains are blocked, plomero = plumber, another one you will see on a regular basis in the streets is "piezas de excrementos" = pieces of excrement, another one is "pobresa" which means poverty, there is lots of it in Cuba, so get yourself down to the 2 days of fun in leeds, we will also be showing video footage of the Nazi holocaust, but obviously we will not be screening footage from the gulags.
                                                        SMASH THE EDL IN LEICESTER

The fascist thugs of the EDL and casuals united are due to visit Leicester again in attempt to divide the community, the last time these thugs travelled to Leicester they broke the police lines and threw traffic cones at Asian motorists, this time the police have decided to close down all businesses that sell alcohol in the Leicestershire region due to police fears that Leicester businesses could profit from an EDL demonstration, Anti-fascist activists will be out in full force to smash the EDL like the activist pictured below.                                    
                                                                   LA BESTIA DEL TERROR

               Leicester is ready to put out a message to the EDL that the community is against Nazi thugs.

                                           MAJOR ANTI-FASCIST ACTIVITY IN BRIGHTON

Anti-fascist comrades in Brighton have been busy over the last few years, with a massive presence in Brighton, the area remains a central point for Anti-fascism, marches that have been organised by Nazis for Saint Georges day have resulted in numerous disasters for the Fascists, although Brighton is an all white area all Anti-fascists support an ethnically mixed Britain, members of the LGBT society have actively opposed the far right, Darcy Jones a transsexual from Brighton has actively opposed the BNP and the EDL for several years, Rosie Geefe has also challenged the Fascist views of the EDL and casuals united.  Rosie should receive a medal for bravery for opposing the violent thugs of casuals united via the Internet, Rosie is pictured below.

So let`s hope Brighton continues to be a major focal point for activity in opposing Fascists, NO PASARAN.
                                                               EDL PREPARE FOR RACE WAR.

Rumours are circulating on facebook that the EDL are preparing for a race war .  Pete Thripplethwaite Lancashire organiser for the EDL recently had a bunker built in his back garden for the so called final battle between Muslims and non-Muslims.  Peter had the bunker constructed at a reduced rate from a construction firm that was sympathetic to the views of the EDL , peter claims that the bunker is a safety measure for his family to seek refuge in case of racial conflict.

Seamus Murphy Bradford EDL organiser stated that it was a person`s choice if they wanted a bunker in their back garden, Murphy stated that there had been major problems with immigrants from certain countries that had failed to assimilate into British society, separate communities should not be permitted and halal meat should not be forced on the general public.

Murphy`s dad a self employed builder has built a number of bunkers in the Yorkshire region using a pneumatic drill and a shovel, the bunkers are now being discussed by the local planning application authorities, but the bunkers are on private property so it is unlikely that any legal action will be taken.

Gerry Gable from Searchlight was suspicious of the bunkers and stated that the bunkers could be used as gas chambers and there was probably a more sinister motive behind the bunkers rather than basic survival.  Gerry said that the EDL could set up a false mosque in somebody`s garden using cardboard cut out characters and entice local Muslims into the chamber and then throw poisonous crystals down.

Jeff Marsh a self employed builder from Wrexham had recently been questioned by the police in Hereford, Jeff and two other members of casuals united had been digging up a lawn when concerned residents contacted the police and reported three men with Welsh accents wearing ski masks were digging up a lawn with pick axes, when the police arrived the three men were detained under the Anti-terrorism act, but the owner of the property appeared and stated that the work was perfectly legal, the three men were requested to remove their ski masks

Greater Manchester police confirmed that a number of arrests were imminent and they would do everything to prevent the bunkers from being built
                                                               MARTIN SMITH IN REHAB

It is with tragic news that we have to report that Martin Smith from the UAF has been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic, members of the UAF stated that they would support comrade Smith who was sent to the clinic suffering from doughnut addiction.  One UAF member who did not wish to be named stated that Smith had been consuming up to 175 doughnuts a day and he was even spending UAF funds on his addiction.  The problem was a long term addiction and there were numerous incidents where the police had been called out due to Smith`s conduct.

On one occasion in Birmingham Martin had ran out of money for doughnuts so he approached a man in the street and demanded five pound for doughnuts, the man refused and Martin went mental and started shouting "Nazi" at the man, so a couple of UAF activists and Martin assaulted the man, it later turned out that the victim was an EDL supporter so Smith was able to justify the attack as being politically motivated

One embarrassing incident was when the UAF attended an educational visit to a Tunisian ghetto in the south of France, Smith attempted to burgle a boulangerie in order to rob doughnuts, but the burglary degenerated into a farce when Smith fell through an asbestos roof and injured himself, an ambulance had to be called.  Before the UAF protest in Manchester, Smith walked into a doughnut shop and asked the staff if they knew who he was, the staff declared that they had no idea, Smith went berserk and returned to the shop with a rock and attempted to attack a display cabinet, members of the public managed to restrain Smith.  One activist also claimed that Smith had committed an offence of more serious nature in Luton.  The UAF had just hosted an Anti-fascist games event in which Smith had fired the starting pistol for Weyman Bennett to perform the fosbury flop.  Later on Martin and a comrade were driving through Luton when Martin demanded the driver to stop the car, Martin approached a man and demanded money for doughnuts, Smith then fired a shot from the pistol, the man turned to run but tripped up on the curb injuring himself, the next day it was reported that Kevin Carrol the EDL deputy leader had been chased by a man with a fire arm.

Martin`s addiction has now resulted in a criminal record, on one UAF activity Martin was suffering from doughnut psychosis, Martin declared that he was Kermit the frog and assaulted a police officer, Smith was arrested and sent to see a psychiatrist where he admitted the full extent of his addiction, Smith had been putting pieces of doughnut into roll ups and smoking them, he also admitted that he had made alcoholic beverages from doughnuts and had distilled the potion in his kitchen, this resulted in an explosion where Smith claimed that he was the victim of a far right terror plot, Anti-fascists urge all comrades to support Smith
                                                EDL TERROR TRAINING CAMP REVEALED

It has been brought to the attention of Anti-fascists that the EDL are being investigated by the Anti-terrorism officers over allegations that they are  training dogs to attack Muslims with, in Bradford last week a Muslim was attacked by a poodle, the victim was just entering his front garden when a poodle launched a savage attack on the man, the poodle then ran off and turned around and raised its right paw in the air in a mock nazi salute.  In another incident a pug jumped five feet in the air and mauled an Asian male, it is believed that the dog had been taking steroids.

Anti-fascists were tipped off by a serving member of the police force who stated that possible raids were due to be carried out on numerous EDL addresses, the police stated that the EDL could be training dogs to commit acts of terror, they could possibly be training miniature Schnauzers and Daschunds to attack mosques by detonating grenades inside local mosques, also the dogs could be strapped with explosives to carry out suicide missions against Muslims.

The police are taking the threat serious, and new laws are being introduced so that dogs can be detained and questioned for 28 days without charge, also the police are considering a dog DNA database, intelligence officers have been informed via facebook that the EDL are using mind altering drugs on dogs so that they have no fear, also the EDL are brainwashing dogs with Anti-Muslim propaganda so the dogs become prejudice against Muslims

This is another dangerous development in which the EDL are becoming more extreme and militant, no doubt the authorities will take action

Last night Weyman Bennett was arrested and placed in police custody on false charges, this illustrates the chronic persecution of Anti-fascists by the state.  A spokesperson for Scotland yard issued a statement claiming that Bennett was being interviewed about about missing Anti -fascists.  UAF numbers on demonstrations have seriously decreased from 1500 at Bolton to just 50 at Blackpool, even the gay community rejected the UAF.

Officers are seriously concerned about UAF members, a number of activists were last seen with Bennett, the police have received various complaints about Bennett`s conduct.  One Anti-fascist claimed that he had visited Bennett`s apartment in South Kensington after a UAF demonstration, the two were drinking when Weyman offered the man more alcohol, the two were listening to Smokey Robinson, the Bee gees and Andre connection when Bennett began talking about Socialism and how he admired Lenin`s persecution and starvation of Russian peasants and how some had been forced to turn to cannibalism in order to survive, Bennett`s apartment was adorned with pictures of Joseph Stalin, in one picture Bennett`s face had been airbrushed over a portrait of Stalin, at this point claimed that there was a problem with his freezer and asked the activist to look at it, Weyman opened the freezer and then pushed the activist into it, fortunately after ten minutes there was a power cut and the man escaped and ran out of the flat.

A police spokesperson also confirmed that the police had investigated a sighting of possible human remains near Bennett`s apartment, one resident had reported a giant piece of excrement with what appeared to be a human face, detectives rushed to the scene hoping it would be the breakthrough that they had hoped for, but detectives were disappointed when they discovered that the giant piece of human excrement was actually Weyman Bennett who had collapsed on the pavement after drinking 16 cans of merrydown after a UAF conference.

One other UAF activist also claimed that he had been assaulted by Bennett, a group of UAF activists had attended a stag party, Weyman was dressed up as "Texas Pete" from the eighties children`s cartoon super Ted, later on everybody ended up at Bennett`s apartment where they drank cider and sniffed glue, the others left and Bennett`s behaviour changed, the activist noticed that there was no food in the apartment apart from pieces of meat in the fridge, Bennett then threw salt and pepper in the man`s face and then charged at him with a fork, the man jumped through a window and escaped serious injury by landing on a pile of garbage outside the apartment block.

The police are also investigating a claim that Bennett had poisoned a number of UAF activists at a dinner party, Weyman  had reheated the remains of a rotten Chinese take away that he had salvaged from a rubbish bin outside a Chinese restaurant, he had then served it up to a group of UAF activists who then began to vomit, when the paramedics arrived Bennett claimed that the group had consumed too much alcohol and that there was no serious problem, one paramedic noticed that Bennett was in possession of poisonous mushrooms including fly agarics and destroying angels, Weyman stated that it was not a criminal offence to possess the fungi, and that there was a major problem with rodents and cockroaches in the apartment block.

The police also confirmed that Bennett had been charged with a number of criminal offences, when the police attempted to arrest Bennett, Weyman assaulted an officer with a bottle of vodka and then hijacked a milk float, Bennett drove down the wrong side of the road and then mounted the pavement and drove through several red lights, he then crashed into a wall and then reversed the milk float into a police car and then dived into the river Thames, police dogs were deployed into the river to confront Bennett, eventually a police patrol boat captured Bennett, it took several officers to pull Bennett out of the river.

Bennett who`s real name is Quasi Ninbucosaquerdeardoo has been charged with dangerous driving and resisting arrest.  Bennett who is the son of Nigerian immigrants has a history of juvenile delinquency denied the charges and stated that he had been persecuted by the state for his political beliefs.
                                                                  EXTREMIST EDL

The EDL is an extremist organisation with links to other European extremists.  Anders Breivik had over 1900 EDL members on his facebook page this clearly proves that there is a definite connection between Breivik and the EDL.  The Norwegian extremist used dozens of false names that links him with the EDL, Searchlight has access to dozens of false names that Breivik used.  The Norwegian extremist attended dozens of EDL marches and was photographed on numerous occasions with the EDL splinter group casuals united, Breivik was also an established football hooligan, this is where Breivik made his ultra right connections, he was also a regular at Newcastle united matches.

The fertiliser for the massive car bomb that damaged the Government offices was purchased in the U.K, an EDL member who was employed at a gardening centre posted Breivik 4 tons of fertiliser via royal mail delivery to Norway, Breivik followed internet instructions on how to manufacture a professionally made bomb, and carry out a mass terror attack single handed.  Breivik had no experience in bomb making and followed the instructions from the Anarchists cook book.  Searchlight is putting together how Breivik planned out the attack with aid from extremists in the U.K, the police officers uniform that Breivik was dressed in at the time of the massacre also came from the U.K, an EDL supporter who worked in a fancy dress costume shop shipped out the uniform to Breivik.

Anti fascists can also reveal that the 2010 sightings of three foot sewer rats in Bradford was also linked to the EDL and Breivik, the rats were originally produced by Josef Mengele who relocated to Norway after the second world war, he is believed to be Breivik`s grandfather, Breivik kept the rats for years and shipped them out to EDL members in Bradford, the idea behind the plot was to blame the rats on immigrants in order to increase far right support in the area.

Anti fascists have a dossier of information that has now been passed onto the police.