Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Comrades you may be aware that a 60 minute programme was screened on channel 4 called "proud and prejudiced" which showed a Muslim extremist group who were previously called "Muslims against crusaders" many of us in the political left spectrum are absolutely devastated that "we" were not shown in the documentary, Weyman Bennett has threatened to throw himself off the Clifton suspension bridge near the Avon gorge, unless channel 4 repent for their sins.  Robinson was filmed throwing rocks at a police car, this is terrible immoral behaviour, but us Anti fascists have thrown missiles at the police including petrol bombs and a "fire extinguisher" but the difference being that it was for a legitimate cause, where Robinson`s cause is not legitimate.  Unite against fascism were not approached by channel 4 in regards to the making of the documentary.

                                                                          AMNESTY TO THE EDL

We are now offering an amnesty to the E.D.L, they have five days in which to convert to communism or else they will never be forgiven.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

                                                  COMMIES TRY TO GET CANAL BARGE ATTACKED.

A barge was spotted near London displaying an English Defence League flag, soon after a photo of the barge appeared on indymedia, also the details of the barge and it`s location were posted, no doubt with the intention of harassing the barge owner, or possibly some Anti fascists could attack the barge.  This proves that Anti fascists are always up for some militant action. here`s the link

Reports are coming through that the British Government are now working with the C.I.A in order to combat the far right in Britain.  The C.I.A are notorious for experimenting with ultra sonic rays and drugs in order to develop new techniques in warfare and psychological warfare in particular.

 A bizarre report has emerged from South Devon in which a local man had been out enjoying local cider.  The man was walking home when he passed a car containing four men in suits with American accents, the men appeared to aim a" ray gun" at the man, immediately the man defecated himself.  The same happened two weeks later in the same vicinity, another man immediately had to go to the toilet in a passageway, at the same time another local walked past at in the morning and told the man not worry about the embarrassing situation as the same had happened to him on numerous occasions, unfortunately the man with the bowel problem fell into the excrement and had to phone a local friend to collect him.

It is now believed that the ultrasonic ray is being tested out on the general public in order to master the techniques before using the ray gun out on the EDL and the BNP.  The police could aim the ray gun at the EDL and cause them to defecate themselves, this could cripple the far right and bring it to its knees, also this would give the police the excuse to make mass arrests for urinating and defecating in public, this could seriously reduce EDL numbers at demonstrations.  This is another disturbing development in new and more subtle tactics used by the state.

Monday, 27 February 2012

                                                  COMRADES IN MALTA MOURN THE LOSS OF TREES.

Recently comrades in Malta decided to make cardboard tombstones in commemoration of some trees being cut down.  Malta has numerous problems including immigration, serious crime and heroin addiction, decreased currency due to entering the EU, and loss of cultural identity due to the construction industry building grotesque modern buildings all over the Maltese isles.  Here at movement graffiti we decided to prove what a complete waste a space we are by tackling Malta`s problems by laying down cardboard tombstones in commemoration of those brilliant accident shock absorbers that kill people every year, trees

Here at movement graffiti we also campaign for immigrants to actively take over Malta.  We hold rallies where about ten people turn up, we also ignore the fact that probably half the crime in Malta is immigrant/foreign related such as Somalis who violently attack and rob people in Malta.  We also demand that Maltese people should pay for these immigrants.  Mass rally in Valletta of moviment graffiti pictured below.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

                                                       UAF CONFERENCE A MASSIVE SUCCESS

Thousands of UAF supporters attended a conference in London.  Martin Smith set out an agenda for 2012 in which the UAF would drive Fascism off the streets of Britain.  Martin stated that the UAF had pushed the EDL back and prevented them from further recruitment.  Films were shown to the UAF supporters and footage of the Nazi holocaust was shown.  Some members started crying and a few vomited and one member attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself, other UAF members engaged in self mutilation with razor blades.  Anti Nazi league banners were displayed and former A.N.L member serial killer Dennis Neilson (real name Moksheim) sent his regards to the U.A.F.  We also exhumed former A.N.L member Blair Peach for the conference in order to emphasise the dangers of police brutality.  Weyman Bennett addressed the audience by repeating the words "Fascist" "Hitler" "Holocaust" "Nazi" and "racist" a thousand times.  Blair Peach pictured below, stated that 2012 would be a massive year for the UAF.

 Martin Smith also stated that the UAF had successfully recruited football fans by handing out leaflets, fifty leaflets were ripped up and one UAF member was punched in the face when they leafleted a Burnley football match.  So the UAF will continue to "smash" fascism off the streets.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

                                                         HEYWOOD TAKE AWAY FIRE, THE TRUTH


Rumours are circulating on the internet that the 300 ultra right activists and locals have launched an arson attack on a Muslim take away that is the centre of the grooming trial in Liverpool.  We need all anti fascist activists to travel to Heywood and display communist banners to the local community in order to reduce racial tension.  We will also be distributing a leaflet that will be telling the truth about how the take away fire started after the owner attempted to fry rats as part of a new recipe called "ratos de coches", which is a rat that has been run over by a car and then beaten up with a baseball bat and then put into a frying pan, unfortunately the owner was too busy "talking" to some local white teenage girls and had forgot that the rat was in the pan, it was this that started the fire.

The aggression was not right wing activists, and this is how malicious rumours start.  We need commie activists in the area to display banners that promote communism in order to quell racial tension.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

                                                              POLICE TARGET DOG OWNERS

The police are set to tackle serious organised crime in America.  There are certain inner city ghettos that need to have law and order imposed on them.  The police have decided not to launch any more drug raids or homicide investigations, but the police are going to tackle the worst type of criminal on the planet, which is dog owners.  Everyday dog owners allow their dogs to defecate on public pavements and highways throughout the world.

Recently a piece of dog excrement was discovered on a pavement in Atlanta, the area was cordoned off immediately and a nearby homicide investigation was postponed.  The dog excrement was removed and sent to a forensic laboratory for examination.  The serious crimes unit deployed a number of plain clothes detectives into the area to catch those responsible.  One dog owner noticed two men picking up pieces of dog excrement and putting it in plastic bags, when the owner questioned the men about their activity, they threatened to arrest the dog owner and stated that they were detectives.

Schultz hackenburger was out walking with his daschund when the dog urinated on a street corner for about three seconds, schultz the pulled the dog away.  Five minutes later armed police stopped schultz and arrested his dog.  The family pet was then taken to the police station for questioning.  Schultz quickly organised a protest at the local police station, where eight dog owners protested.  The police then came out of the station and attacked the protesters with pepper spray and batons.  One dog owner expired after being hit twenty times over the head, a police coroner carried out an autopsy and declared that the dog owner died of "natural" causes.  The "independent" police complaints commission stated that the police acted within the law and that there would be no action taken.  Barack Obama stated that he supported the new clause and was considering setting up a national dog DNA database where all dog owners who refused to take their dogs for DNA testing and registration would face possible prison sentences.


On Saturday there was an Irish republican march in commemoration for an I.R.A volunteer.  Masses of British patriots managed to prevent the march, which was then abandoned.  Around ten "anti fascists" were in the city centre to oppose the group who was opposing the I.R.A, so basically we were supporting the I.R.A.  Around a couple of hundred Fascists ( white working class people) assembled near to us and verbally abused us for supporting the IRA and for supporting the Liverpool grooming case.  Phil Dickens Liverpool commie was devasted about Saturday`s fiasco.  Phil is pictured below.

So far things are going from bad to worse for us commies and Anarchists, our numbers are decreasing severely, and we are being left humiliated with the general public rejecting our policies and ideas.  For more information read this page clearly us commies/anarchists are clearly having a major impact, not.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

                                           DEMONSTRATION IN SUPPORT OF ANARCHIST KNIFE KILLER

On march 15th there will be a demonstration outside the Bulgarian embassy in London.  Comrade Jock Palfreeman received a long term prison sentence for murdering somebody with a knife in Bulgaria.  Jock was part of a mob that attacked two nationalists, two of them were stabbed and one of them died.  Us commies claimed that Jock is a political prisoner who fought sixteen Nazis by himself and received no injuries, miracle or what?  So we will be demanding that Jock should be released from prison.  Assemble by the embassy at 11. AM.  Some additional information on Jock`s attack on a student

Sunday, 19 February 2012

                                                          REPORT NAZI ACTIVITY IN YOUR AREA.

We need your support now, we need you to report Nazi activity in your region.  If you have a problem with Nazi raccoons or polar bears seig heiling, then you have to report the fascists activity.  The comments section on this blog is open, so we want to hear your reports.  Also we have decided to show the identity of the person who is in charge of this blog, normally we would not do this, but we have had so many requests, so you now see me as I truly am!

Feel free to comment, this forum is not like most commie sites that attacks freedom of speech.

Friday, 17 February 2012

                                                                                   MANIAC COP

He`s not a myth, but he`s real, he kills and causes injuries without emotion, he takes advantage of vulnerable females when on patrol, he confiscates drugs off criminals to use for himself, he fits people up for crimes they have not committed, he wants to remove your civil liberties, justice is dead and you`ll be next.  Maniac cop in town and cities throughout the world.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

                                                                NEW BEVERAGE ON THE MARKET

                                       LONDON ANTI TERROR POLICE LAUNCH RAID ON WAXWORK MUSUEM

you can view the shocking footage here

In order to save his ever decreasing popularity, Obama faked Bin Laden`s assassination in order to regain public "credibility" we can expose that the entire U.S seal operation was false.  Firstly the navy seals helicopter nose dived into the so called complex in Pakistan, by a complete miracle nobody was injured in the helicopter crash.  The seal team then entered a squalid house where multi-millionaire Bin Laden was living in poverty and in squalid conditions with no means of communication to the outside world, and was spending all day watching pornographic videos.  The seal team entered the complex and shot a load of waxwork dummies that had been placed there. The seals also used paint ball guns to make the blood appear realistic.  The seals then grabbed the dummies and left the building and escaped in another helicopter that was waiting outside.  The operation did not alert the Pakistani authorities, although the helicopter would have been detected immediately.

The seals then threw the waxwork dummies into the ocean whilst they were returning to base.  They claimed that Bin Laden received an "honourable" Muslim burial, no photographs or video footage has been released of Bin Laden`s corpse.  Conveniently a couple of months later the entire navy seal team was wiped out in another operation in Afghanistan  So Obama can carry on his deception.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

                                                                      "THOUGHT CRIME STOPPERS"

Yes you have all heard of "crime stoppers" where you can phone in and tell the police if you think you know somebody who has committed a criminal offence.  You will see public appeals for wanted people who have stolen a packet of biscuits from ASDA, or somebody that has stolen a chocolate bar from a shop.

Now there is going to be a major launch of a new crime stoppers, this time it`s going to be called "thought crime stoppers" in which you will be contacting the police about people who have potential right wing views.  If you know somebody who complains that there are too many foreigners in Britain, or they blame unemployment on immigration, then phone this person`s name into thought crime stoppers, you do not have to give your name.  If you know somebody who is critical of Islam or multi culturalism, then you must do your duty as a decent citizen and give this person`s details over to the police.  We now have a massive dossier of information on people with right wing views.  If the person is posting comments on facebook then contact Darcy Jones of expose to screen shot the comment, you can contact Darcy 24 hours a day.  So start phoning in now and report those fascists.
                                                  THE BRITISH POLICE, A FORCE TO BE PROUD OF

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

                                                 UAF TO LAUNCH HORROR FILM COMPANY

Anti fascism is now possibly due to enter the mainstream now that David Cameron has pulled the plug on funding the UAF.  This will not be achieved by entering elections but by entering the entertainment industry.  Peter Tatchell a UAF supporter stated that he was due to start acting in order to earn money which could be invested in Anti fascism.  Tatchell was due to remake the British horror film "Dog Soldiers" and rename the film "Bog Soldiers" in which a group of gays cottaging would fend off a colony of homosexual werewolves in London.  Tatchell was also preparing a remake of the "Terminator" in which Tatchell would by play the android terminator.  All the characters would be gay, which could cause problems with the pregnancy scene, which this time would be achieved by artificial insemination.  Tatchell was due to build himself up on steroids and fake an Austrian accent for the part.  Also Tatchell was writing a script for a terror plot, Tatchell would hijack a helicopter and fly it into the houses of Parliament, this would cause the Parliament building to collapse into a pile of rubble, also big Ben would collapse, there would be hundreds of fatalities, Tatchell would be a martyr for gay rights.

Weyman Bennett will also be taking part in the acting.  Weyman stated that he had been robbed of the role in the king of Scotland, in which Idi Amin was impersonated.  Bennett stated that he wanted to act the role of Robert Schumann, the German composer that died in a lunatic asylum.  Bennnett said that he was prepared to act out the scene where Schumann attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself into the river Rhine.  Bennett stated that there was thousands of Africans in 1930`s Germany that had been ignored by historians.  Bennett also claimed that he was launching a UAF horror film company, in which Bennett would make a sequel to the Amityville Horror film, by pouring Castor maggots through somebody`s letter box in order to recreate the mass blue bottle scene.  Weyman also will be starring in The Exorcist, and The Demon, and the Anti-Christ of Tottenham.

Martin Smith also stated that Anti fascism needed to be viewed as a business not just a politic.  Smith is due to launch an Anti fascist vegetable market, the vegetables would be grown in Smith`s back garden that had been converted into an allotment.  So this could be a major breakthrough for Anti fascist funding.
                                                  ANTI FASCISTS ATTACK PENSIONERS BOWLING CLUB

In order for Anti fascists to connect more with the general public we decided to cause criminal damage to a bowling club where local white pensioners gather.  Anti fascists decided that the bowling club did not have any non white players so it must be part of a Nazi conspiracy.  We ignored the fact the bowling tends to be an English sport played by pensioners.

We sprayed slogans glorifying  Argentina's attack on the Falkland Isles on the cricket box in the complex, as cricket is a terrible game that represents British colonialism. We also painted slogans such as "bash the fash" this time we went for jugular of fascism.  We sprayed a swastika with a red line going through it using a stencil, we have also vandalised a nearby sports centre, again because the people attending the centre were always white, so this could be a form of apartheid.  Us Anti fascists will continue to carry attacks on organisations that are perceived as being Nazi or fascist in order to promote our ideas to the general public.

Monday, 13 February 2012


Hope not hate have now confirmed that they are "working" with the local community in order to "reduce" racial tension in the area, yes us communists are good at stirring things up with ethnic communities, we are not interested in helping them, just using them as muscle against fascists.  Lowles and former special branch agent Matthew Collins will be active in the next few weeks distributing leaflets in the Hyde area in order to get the Muslim community out on the streets which could cause mob violence.  Chances are the mob violence will be used against local white people so Hope not hate have now pledged their support for the cause.  Collins has also stated that he will be paying a couple of infiltrators to do Nazi salutes in front of the journalists at the EDL demonstration, this will cause some damage to the EDL`s credibility.  Nick Lowles is photographed below in his true identity

Hope not hate has always taken a pro-islamic stance, this is due to Lowles actually being of Pakistani origin, Lowles real name is "Muhammad bilal akbar ali Khan" an abattoir owner who lives in Luton.  Khan had a special rubber mask moulded in the shape of white middle aged man with spectacles, this was to portray the image of a white commie rather than a Muslim extremist,  Khan was born in Hounslow but now lives in Luton.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

                                                                   EVERYTHING EDL CONDEMNED

Here at the Anti-fascist we are concerned about promoting "genuine" Anti-fascism and communism.  It has been brought to our attention that we have an agent provocateur in our ranks.  Everything EDL who also uses the name Rosie Geefe has been discrediting Anti-fascism by using racist language and glorifying violence against women.  Geefe racially abused jeff marsh from casuals united about his Welsh identity by calling him a "Welsh cxxt" Geefe also laughed at the EDL angel being punched in the nose by a Muslim outside an EDL court case, the victim received a badly fractured nose, Geefe`s youtube account was closed down due to Geefe stealing other peoples videos and multiple youtube violations.  Geefe also has convictions for burglary, identity theft, fraud, and committing a serious offence against a sheep.  Everything EDL lives in a mansion in Brighton which is shaped as a pineapple, so this is viewed as being contradictory to aims of Anti-fascism.  Everything EDL is now a proscribed person and to associate with Geefe is now considered a serious offence against Anti-fascism.  If any Anti-fascists are caught associating with Geefe in transvestite bars in Brighton then we will be sending  six foot Goliath herons from Africa to your house to sort you out.

Friday, 10 February 2012

                                                                INVASION OF THE REPTILIANS.

A meteorite crashes to planet earth and lands in a small village in Cornwall.  A local constable is dispatched to investigate, when he arrives at the scene he accidentally touches the meteorite,then a malevolent entity possesses the police officer.  He then drives back to the station and reports that everything is fine and the call out was false.  After a few days the behaviour of the police man starts to change, he becomes aggressive and starts having affairs with women that he talks with whilst out on duty.  Other police officers who come into contact with the officer are also possessed by the entity, the officers become dangerous and start attacking people with batons for nothing in an emotionless manner.

The police are called out to a minor domestic dispute, the police beat the man up and torture him with tasers before killing the man, some female officers also kick the man when he is on the pavement, the man later dies.  The police are ordered to patrol a football match in Manchester, some disorder erupts in the north terrace, so the police unleash a dog into the stadium that then attacks innocent supporters one of which is seriously injured.  The police also raided a pop star`s mansion on a drugs charge, this particular pop artist had made a song against the police, so the police stabbed the man to death and then claimed that the man went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and then committed suicide by stabbing himself with the knife.  The malicious entity then spreads into other organisations including the crown prosecution service who begin to work with the police in fitting people up for crimes that they have not committed, also the independent police complaints commission becomes possessed by the malevolent force, so the IPPC allow the police to kill and injure people.

It turns out that the entity that has possessed the police force is called the "malice" which is a grand deity that feeds of evil and violence, it chooses to use the police force as their minds are more easier to control and their IQ`s are lower than the average person`s.  Invasion of the reptilians is due to be released in the summer, the police have already stated that they will be taking the film company to court for plagiarism.

A message from admin, if you support this site, then pass this web address around to as many people as possible, we need people to know the truth.

Yes the UAF will be counter protesting against the EDL in Manchester on the 25th, although they are protesting about an attack on white person that is being classed as racially motivated, we are going to turn up anyway, as the fascists could try to divide the community, which is already divided anyway, in order to increase the numbers on our demonstration we have decided to exhume Osama Bin Laden so we can count on the MDL supporting us.

Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith travelled to Pakistan last week, Bin Laden was not buried at sea, in fact he was buried near a cattle shed in the mountains above Pakistan, MDL members accompanied Smith and Bennett to act as translators.  Special branch intercepted the group at Heathrow airport, but the two UAF stated that they were emigrating so the special branch officers allowed them to leave.  When the group arrived at the scene of Bin Laden`s burial place, it was raining heavy and there was a storm, Bennett began digging the soil up with a shovel whilst Smith held the lantern, after half an hour they managed to open the coffin, Smith then harpooned Bin Laden with a large piece of metal, by chance lightning struck the metal and Bin Landed returned,  The decaying corpse of Bin Laden then grabbed Bennett by the throat and started to strangle him, but Smith intervened and stated that they were Anti-British communists that wanted to help Bin Laden wage jihad on Britain, Bin Laden then agreed to the offer, stating that he had been set up for 9-11 by the CIA.

The group then returned to England, Bin Laden was stuffed into Guitar case, at Heathrow airport, a Nigerian who was working on the bag screening discovered Bin Laden, but Smith told him that it was chimpanzee meat inside the case being delivered to a halal butcher shop, Smith bribed the Nigerian with twenty pounds, so Bin Laden was allowed entrance to the UK.

    Bin Laden is due to address the UAF rally in which he will stress the importance of using take away fast food shops as a means to wage jihad on the British population.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

                                                             LIVERPOOL ANTI FASCIST STATEMENT

Today 11 men are appearing in Liverpool crown court accused of a child sex ring. 
The English Defence League and the British National Party are holding a demonstration outside the courthouse, this is not because they have suddenly become champions of children`s rights, these "cranks" are here because the defendants are all Muslim.  The BNP blame societies problems on immigrants when the real problem is banks.  You will notice we described the EDL and the BNP as "cranks" here are some photographs of the Anti-fascist counter protest, you will notice we are ordinary normal working class people.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

                                                    POLICE INTELLIGENCE OFFICER IAN SKRIVENS 
                                                                  ( photographed below in 2003)

Here at the Anti-fascist we are concerned about people`s civil liberties and right to protest about important social and political issues, but it has been brought to our attention that certain people funded by the Government are attempting to remove the right to protest.  The Government are employing police "intelligence" officers to survey decent law abiding protesters that are concerned about modern day Britain, one man is Ian Skrivens who collects information on what coffee people drink, he also sends out observers to discover what underpants your buying at ASDA, all of this is costing the taxpayer a fortune.  Skrivens has since gained weight, here he is photographed below in 2011

Skrivens has taken the role of a James Bond type spy that collects information on people, Skrivens has threatened to arrest people for nothing in order to obtain their personal details and address.  Skrivens is a power monger that enjoys his job as a brutal police thug that sends out his troops to intimidate people.  The Anti-fascist can reveal the Skrivens actually has a soft side.  Skrivens is an "active" member of Gay Police Association, Skrivens attends Gay Pride marches in England during the summer pride festas, although members of the LGTB community have recognised Skrivens as a member of the LGTB community, a vast percentage of Soho remain suspicious of Skrivens. Ryan Cowling from the London metropolitan police has also distanced himself from Skriven`s activities  So watch out for Skrivens at political demonstrations or in Soho wearing a gas mask and PVC gear.
                                                                        LONDON TUBE OUTBURST

Hello I am the woman that was involved in the London tube outburst in which I complained that England was being taken over by immigrants, after consuming a bottle of vodka I decided to speak my mind where a number of foreigners sat around laughing. Scotland yard have been investigating the crime and they have worked non stop in order to catch me, they have put out a national appeal with my picture on, they have even dropped rape and homicide cases in order to apprehend me.  I have now been arrested I will probably be refused bail on the basis of my personal safety and remanded in custody, which means I will be put in prison with murderers and arsonists and heroin addicts.

No doubt I will be charged with a racially aggravated offence which means when they pass sentence they can actually double the time.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

                                                       BRITISH POLICE COULD START GASSING PEOPLE

British police were over-joyed to discover recently that they could soon start to use nerve gas on the general public.  The Government has now shifted it`s policy from using minor irritants on people and could start to use serious nerve gas on people, this was due to the riots last year in which millions of pounds worth of damage was caused, the police have been waiting for this opportunity for years.  The police are due to be issued standard gas masks to be carried with them at all times like the one pictured below, but many officers stated that there was no need as they were already in possession of the masks.

The Government has now decided that dangerous chemicals can be used for "law and order" purposes, one police officer said that the new development was brilliant, we could easily portray a situation as being dangerous when it actually isn`t and then we could try the gasses out on people and see how much damage it causes.  The EDL is the obvious main target for the nerve gas to be used in order to achieve obedience from people, the police stated that they could attack and gas EDL supporters inside a pub, and then steal the CCTV footage so they can`t legally defend themselves and then we can not only seriously injure them but we could fit them up on affray charge as well, we could also use the gas to attack environmentalists and occupy protesters and the best thing is we can get away it as the Government has sanctioned it`s use.  The police are now looking forward to carrying nerve canisters around with them.

Monday, 6 February 2012


For a long period of time doctors have been puzzled by weyman Bennett`s ability to produce white foam when talking.  Bennett has participated in a number of interviews in which he foamed at the mouth, this is becoming such a problem that people have to keep their distance from Bennett when talking to him.  When Bennett talks at UAF demonstrations masses of white foam are produced onto the stage floor.  A film company had actually approached Bennett and offered him a role in a remake of the 1985 horror film "the stuff"

A number of theories have been produced in order to explain the white foam, one theory was that Bennett had been consuming embalming fliud from a mortuary that a group of UAF activists had burgled.  Another theory was that Bennett is a chronic ketamine abuser, but that theory was also dismissed.  A test for rabies was also negative.  Bennett had to attend the accident and emergency department at the local infirmary, Bennett had to have his stomach pumped in order to solve the mystery.  Scientist carried out tests on the foam, which contained no drugs or illegal substances, further tests revealed that martin Smith`s DNA was heavily present in the white foam, so the mystery was solved.  You will be glad to know that weyman is making a full recovery.
                                             PRIEST PERFORMS AN EXORCIST ON MARTIN SMITH

During Saturday`s EDL protest some of you may have noticed a priest that was present along the route of the EDL march.  The priest later joined the UAF protest where martin Smith was present.  Smith had decided that it was beneficial to have people from different faiths on the UAF protest which contained Muslims and Hindus.  The idea was to give an impression that the UAF was interested in defending all faiths.  Smith was talking to a UAF activist about how admired Karl Marx and the Communist manifesto and that religion was the opium of the people used to keep the masses controlled.

The priest over heard the conversation between Smith and the UAF activist, the priest immediately grabbed hold of Smith and started to perform an exorcist on Smith in order to cleanse his soul, the priest invoked the arch angel to remove the malevolent spirit of Stalin from martin Smith.  During the exorcist Smith began vomiting so violently that a number of UAF activists were covered in vomit, at one point it looked like a fire hose had been turned on, there was vomit everywhere.  Smith started shouting "Nazi" and "fascist" at the priest, unfortunately before the priest could complete the exorcism the police intervened and saved Smith, this again proves that Smith relies on police protection from the general public, because they are hostile to Smith`s vile communist views.  When council workers appeared in protective clothing to cleanse the area with disinfectant, they noticed a communist flag in the vomit and a hammer and sickle.  The priest was released after being cautioned by the police.
                                                               UAF DEMONSTRATION IN LIVERPOOL

Twenty of us UAF supporters attended a demonstration in support of paedophile grooming gangs at Liverpool crown court, we felt that the EDL and the BNP were exploiting the case to promote fascist and Nazi politics, we said the terms "Nazi" "racist" and "holocaust" no less than a thousand times, UAF speakers shouted through the megaphone about the dangers of fascism to the general public and told them about Hitler and the holocaust, although it was irrelevant to the actual Muslim grooming case.

We were outnumbered by a hundred fascists, and things took a turn for the worse when the police allowed the fascists to kick UAF posters and placards all over the square, the fascists then stamped on our wooden sticks and broke them and ripped our placards and posters, the fascists also attempted to set fire to the UAF posters, but they would not ignite as we had tipped our methadone on them.  In all this was another disaster for the UAF, even a number of socialists refused to support us.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

                                                                     EXPOSE INFILTRATE THE EDL

Yesterday Anti-fascists activists infiltrated the EDL march in Leicester,  On Saturday the temperature was very low but this did not deter us as we are used to living in a squat with no central heating, so the cold was not a problem.  After marching with the EDL we were disappointed that there were no arrests, some of our Anti-fascist comrades attempted to provoke the EDL but they did no take bait, the EDL did not suspect us Anti-fascists as being infiltrators.

After the march we had try to find a pharmacy after our flea bites were becoming more and more inflamed, after talking to the shop owner about the EDL march, and stealing some Anti-septic cream we then travelled to Highfields to buy some heroin.  This is a success for Anti-fascism as we managed to infiltrate an EDL march without being noticed.
                                                                     HERE`S ONE I DID EARLIER

Former councillor  salma yaqoob shows off some of her artwork in Birmingham.

Here at the Leicester police force we are still recovering from yesterdays EDL march and the party we held afterwards in canal street in Manchester.  We had been ordered by the home office to make sure that the march ended in violence, so we allowed groups of local Muslims to approach the march on numerous occasions in order to incite violence.  We denied the EDL access to toilets for a long period of time, and kept them waiting in between pauses during the march, a couple of EDL supporters then decided to urinate in a passageway along the route so our officers attacked them with batons and kicked one supporter in the groin which could have caused very serious injuries.

Getting the EDL to react was proving difficult so we allowed a mob of Muslims near the EDL minibuses, so the EDL got out of two minibuses to see what was happening, instead of chasing the Muslims away we decided to attack the EDL at the side of the minibuses out of sight from the national press and the main EDL rally, but the EDL had one of their own cameramen filming the incident, so we decided to attack him whilst he was filming us, brilliant idea don`t you think? especially when our faces and badge numbers were visible, we also smashed the minibus window, so we have proved once again that the British police force are total idiotic buffoons that love violence and do not care about bringing complete shame to the police force.

you can view the video of us attacking people here

Saturday, 4 February 2012

                                            LEICESTER POLICE RECRUITMENT CENTRE TO CLOSE DOWN

Leicester police recently confirmed that a major police recruitment centre was to close down, the gents toilets in Leicester city centre had been condemned due to misuse of the facilities.  Leicester police stated that the toilets would be "sorely" missed and that the toilets had been a major source of recruitment for the police force, and they had gained numerous excellent police activists from the toilets.

Friday, 3 February 2012

                                                 DAVID CHARLTON TO TAKE CHARGE OF THE EDL

It was with sad regret to inform you that Tommy Robinson is due to resign later this year from the EDL, Tommy stated that he felt he had achieved his maximum potential with the EDL and that it was time to move on, a number of possible individuals were considered as being potential candidates for EDL leadership, it has been decided that only one man can replace Tommy and lead the EDL to victory, and that man is David Charlton.  Charlton who is a former criminal and prison inmate was delighted at joining the counter jihad movement, Kevin Carol who is fiercely Anti-communist stated that Charlton had taken over the role as EDL leader in order to fight Communism and cultural Marxism that is eroding society.  Charlton stated that he would be targeting the UAF with a static dirty protest that would strike fear into the British left, David a former civil servant is familiar with the tactics of the left and stated that the political left had too much influence in the UK.

David Charlton a former political prisoner who was put in strangeways prison after complaining about too many British jobs going to foreign workers was still defiant in the face of law.  Charlton is seen as martyr to a majority of Nationalists.

Weyman Bennett from Unite against fascism stated that Charlton could take the EDL in a more militant direction in which trade union activists could be targeted as well as prison warders, the UAF have now had to increase security at demonstrations as a result of Charlton taking command of the counter jihad movement.  Charlton had also liaised with North West infidels group and discussed a possible merger between the EDL and the NWI, to which the infidels group had agreed to the merger as long as Charlton would be in charge.  John snowy Shaw the leader of the NWI had also agreed to resign from the infidels movement in order to permit Charlton total control of the movement.

some footage of David here

Here at Leicester UAF we have devised a cunning plan in order to stop the Nazi EDL in their tracks in Leicester.  Leicester is a peaceful multi cultural community that was originally called ledecestre from ligore caster from the Roman era, this proves that Leicester by historic tradition belongs to Muslims and Somali immigrants.  The Roman empire had absorbed African immigrants via perverted practices.

Having phoned several police stations to complain about EDL threats that stated that the EDL have threatened to bomb any pub that does not sell pork scratchings, so a number of pubs will be closed which means the EDL will not be able to consume any pork scratchings or Alcohol, so how do the EDL whip up their supporters into a frenzy.  No doubt a number of EDL supporters will be staying away from Leicester and visiting their local pubs and throwing bananas at the television when black football players are featured.

Although Leicester UAF see this as a major victory this poses a problem, we do not not want to see Muslim owned take aways out of business, a number of take away owners had contacted the UAF about possible loss of custom, also they were concerned about intoxicated white teenage girls staying away from Leicester on Saturday.  The UAF have now decided to hold an Anti-racist music festa later on Saturday, this will give the chance for local take away owners to ply teenage girls with alcohol and get to know them.

                                                                          HOW TO DEAL WITH THE EDL.

Leicester UAF have spent the last week stirring the Somali community up, so on Saturday there will be a massive mob of frenzied Somalis looking for EDL supporters with baseball bats.  There will also be nativity play with Weyman Bennett as Jesus Christ and Martin Smith as a perverted Roman emperor.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

                                                                SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG

In order for this site to continue we need people to subscribe to it, here at the Anti-fascist we have a dedicated team of activists working long hours to bring you the truth, so subscribe to this site or else we will be sending three foot sewer rats round to your house to have a word with you.
                                                                    EDL TARGET BLACK CATS

The cruel EDL are now targeting black cats for their racist agenda, not contempt at attempting to purify the white race, they are now applying their brand of vicious racism against black cats, currently there are nearly 1500 black cats without a home.  Nick Lowles who also calls himself  "UK can`t fight back "said that is was very disturbing and that the EDL had targeted the black cats after they had ran out of Muslims to attack.


One cat owner told hope not hate that she had been targeted by the EDL because she owned a black cat, cruel EDL supporters dumped a ton of horse manure in her front garden in an attempt to intimidate her, also a hand written note had been posted through her letter box ordering her to abandon the cat and take it to the RSPCA.  Although  numerous complaints had been made to the police, it seemed that very little action had been taken.  A number of black cats went down to the local police station to protest at the lack of action by the police, a number of cats were given dispersal orders and several were arrested, whilst in custody one black cat had to be put on suicide watch as he was depressed at not having any pigeons to attack.  Nick lowles has spoken to the black cats about their plight, Lowles has now set up a fund in order to help the cats, the fund is called C.U.N.T, which stands for cat unity nobility trust.  A number of cats have also formed a black power movement to counter the EDL`S racism, the black panthers have also pledged their support to the movement.  There had been a number of sightings of black panthers in urban areas this was a result of the panthers showing solidarity with their feline friends, one EDL organiser in west Yorkshire was terrified when he saw a black panther in his back garden, it`s believed that the black panther was going to confront him about his racist views.
                                                   THE POLICE ATTEMPT TO FRAME TOMMY ROBINSON

In order to crush the counter jihad movement the police have decided to fit up Tommy Robinson.  Tommy was shopping in Marks and Spencers where a group of special branch detectives had gathered, the plot was to fit Tommy up on a shoplifting charge.  Tommy was viewing the fruit selection in the store when a detective deliberately banged into Tommy whilst at the same time planting women's underpants in Tommy`s pocket.

At the counter when Tommy went to pay for his shopping a team of police officers arrived to arrest Tommy, the Sergeant in charge triumphantly declared that Tommy was under arrest for stealing women's underpants, when the Sergeant checked Tommy`s pockets he was horrified to discover that they were absent, it later emerged that the underpants had fallen out of Tommy`s pocket in the frozen vegetable section, a local vagrant had then picked up the underpants and placed them on his head before walking out of the store, the vagabond was later beaten up by the police for sabotaging an expensive police operation.


                                                                             THE AARHUS DILEMMA

Special branch are now in two minds about Tommy Robinson`s visit to Denmark in march, they are debating whether to arrest Tommy at the airport and detain him under the Anti-terror act which will prevent Robinson from attending the far right rally in Denmark, the other option is to permit Robinson to travel to Denmark and send a team of detectives to follow him which would cost thousands of pounds.
                                                                                 UAF MANCHESTER

Hello comrades my name is Mike Killian and I am the Manchester organiser for the UAF.  I am originally from Ireland and I have a very strong Irish accent.   I helped organise the Anti-EDL protest in Manchester where UAF activists screamed Nazi scum at the EDL during the two minutes silence for people who died during the second world war.  A group of EDL approached a UAF stall in Manchester but us Anti-fascists managed to fend them off as we had not washed for 3 months.
Here`s a video of me and my comrades in action, marks out of ten if you can maintain a straight face.
                                                                      COMMIE SCHOOL TEACHER

Hello comrades my name is Kevin Mottram I am a hard line communist that works at Sowerby Bridge high school, where I can indoctrinate your children for the communist cause. I absolutely adore Lenin and other mass murderers.  Last year I helped organise the UAF protest against the EDL in Halifax, I stated to the media in Halifax we are multi cultural community that live side by side, this is an amazing statement because I actually live in the all white area of Hebden Bridge.

You can see me in action on this video
                                                              COMMIE JOURNALIST DAVID HOFFMAN

My name is David Hoffman I am a commie journalist, you will see me at EDL demonstrations where  I take pictures of EDL supporters and then put them on my personal site where I call them racists.  On one occasion at the wilders demonstration near parliament I was taking photographs of EDL supporters who were posing for me, however another supporter realised who I was and the atmosphere turned ugly, the stewards then had to remove me for my own safety.  A couple of years ago I received thousands of pounds in compensation after being beaten up by the police.  I also produce articles for the ultra left wing magazine searchlight.
                                                                   ROCHDALE UAF ORGANISER

Allow me to introduce myself my name is Evan I am actually a female but I am attempting to turn myself into male, I participated in a documentary called "Sam and Evan" which highlighted our special case.  What the documentary did not tell you was I am actually an active member of the UAF, I participated in the counter protests against the EDL in Manchester and Bolton, where I was at the front of the demonstration shouting abuse at the EDL.  At the Manchester demonstration around eighty EDL supporters chanted "you fat bastard" at me, which was a very horrible and cruel thing to do.  No doubt you will be seeing more of me in the future at UAF demonstrations.  I am the one with the straight black hair.

You can view the full documentary here.