Thursday, 31 May 2012

                                                           A POST MORTEM ON MATTHEW COLLINS

Many of you are familiar with the Hope Not Hate website which is an extreme left wing webpage.  The site is usually associated with Nick Lowles, but Lowles also has another associate who contributes to the website on a regular basis, this person is called "Matthew Collins" who has previously been involved in the political right wing scene before admitting that he was in fact a police informer.

Collins runs his own blog page called "The Insider" was involved with the BNP and the NF in the 1990`s, Collins also joined combat 18 where he was involved in violent racist attacks on ethnic minorities, and also attacks on socialists, in fact Collins was actually one of the main instigators of the violence.  Matthew was expelled from the National Front for attempting to provoke NF members into violent confrontation with communists, the NF leaders wanted the NF to remain as a political party and expelled Collins because of his continuous actions in inciting violence.  When it was revealed that Collins was working for the police he was rewarded by his pay masters who moved him to Australia, and set him up with a job and a complete new existence.  Collins took part in a television documentary in which he was seen grovelling and condemning his far right past, in actual reality Collins was a police infiltrator from day one.  Collins claimed that if he returned to England he would be killed by the right wing, a couple of years after the documentary was made Collins did return to the U.K to live and found a job working for a communist group called searchlight.  There have been no attacks on Collins since his return to the U.K, so this was a mass exaggeration, in fact Collins has deliberately continued to provoke the political right in Britain by posting abusive comments about them and laughing at attacks on them.  Clearly Collins is immune from prosecution and has actually written books admitting his part in violent attacks on people.

Gerry O Hara who was a former searchlight activist condemned Collins as a police and Government infiltrator, also the political left in general have refused to associate with Collins and his police informer colleague Nick Lowles, who are both paid for their activities.

Monday, 28 May 2012

                                                                SOME RECENT POLICE ACTIVITY

An Austrian tourist was recently beaten up by the police in London during a vacation in England.  Hans Muller was in London visiting tourist attractions when he became lost.  Hans decided to ask a police officer for directions to the houses of parliament.  Hans approached the officer and politely asked for directions to the houses of parliament, the officer responded by saying "yes you just continue on this road by the bridge" then the officer said "just wait a moment why are you going there?" Hans stated that it was a major tourist attraction and he wanted to photograph the parliament building, the officer replied by saying "don`t get clever with me mate, you could be a terrorist that is photographing the building for a planned terror attack, right show me your passport" Hans stated that his passport was in the hotel" the officer then told Hans that he was being detained under the anti terrorism act, and he was also being suspected of being an illegal immigrant.  Hans stated that Austria was part of the European union and that on the opposite side of the road was a group of 45 Somalians stood on the pavement harassing people.  The officer said "never mind them" the officer then searched through the tourist`s bag and discovered a cabbage, the officer stated that the cabbage could be an exploding one that contained dynamite inside the cabbage, then the officer pushed Hans against the wall and twisted his arm around his back, Hans struggled so the officer immediately requested for back up on his radio by stating that an officer was being "attacked" after two minutes a van containing seven officers appeared, the Austrian tourist was then beaten around 30 times by police batons and he was also tasered and had pepper spray used on him.  After being detained in the local police station Hans was released without charge at 5 in the morning.

                                                                 Above a photo of some possible terrorists

The police are also clamping down on the English Defence League.  Recently a group of EDL supporters were protesting in a local town centre, there was around 10 EDL supporters in the town centre when a mob of 40 local Muslims attacked them with knives and other weapons.  The protest had been permitted  by the local police and 6 police officers were observing the demonstration when it was attacked. 

After the Muslims had launched a violent unprovoked attack on the small EDL group the police then allowed the Muslims to walk away.  The police then approached the EDL group who were on the pavement covered in blood and stated "you are under arrest for violent disorder" one EDL supporter had a bayonet stuck in his leg when he was thrown into the back of a police van, the officer then applied the handcuffs so tight that it cut the man`s circulation off, the officer also cut the air ventilation off to the back of the van so the EDL supporter had severe trouble in breathing.  The other supporters were also thrown in the back of the van and driven to the police station.  The group were booked into the police station when the man who had the bayonet in his leg requested to see a doctor, the police officer at the desk said "shut up or I will charge you with obstructing a police officer in the course of his duty".  The group were released on bail and solicitors representing the group stated that the incident had been captured on CCTV after several months the police stated that they intended to prosecute the group for violent disorder and that they had seized the CCTV footage, but a malicious group of goblins had burgled the police station and had robbed the station of drugs and thousands of pounds of money seized from criminals, and unfortunately the goblins had taken the CCTV footage that was relevant to the violent disorder case,  But 36 officers would be attending court to testify against the EDL group that they committed violent disorder.  The group are now facing the possibility of receiving long term prison sentences.

Friday, 18 May 2012

                                        MICHAEL BARRYMORE SET TO ADDRESS BRISTOL EDL PROTEST

Television "personality" Michael Barrymore is set to attend the English Defence League demonstration in Bristol in July.  Tommy Robinson has confirmed that the EDL had been in contact with Barrymore about the possibility of having Barrymore on as a guest speaker to support the EDL`S gay and homosexual and transvestite division.  Bristol is due to hold it`s annual gay pride mardi gras in July and the EDL have decided to support the event by putting on gay speakers at the next EDL rally.

Barrymore is set to discuss the dangers of having orgies in outdoor swimming pools, but critics have slammed Barrymore for being unrepentant over the death of a man who attended a party at Michael`s house, the victim had an anal injury the size of a rugby ball, which Barrymore claimed had been inflicted by a thermometer at the hospital mortuary.

EDL members have been advised not to socialise with Barrymore after the demo in case they are discovered floating dead in a swimming pool the next day.

Local MP`S in Bristol are calling for the EDL rally to be banned as it is on the same day as the gay pride march, the fear is that EDL members might attack members of the gay community, but the EDL have released a statement in which an offer has been proposed to gay pride marchers that they are welcome to attend the EDL rally.

Above EDL supporter Captain chaos who is also speaking at the EDL Bristol demo.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


A former police officer who served in the London metropolitan police force has today condemned the British police force.  George Garfield who served at sunhill police station from 1989-1999 stated that the police force was useless and that left wing politics had infiltrated the police force to such an extent that the police could not carry out their basic duty.  George remembers how on one occasion he and his police partner stopped a group a West Indians high on drugs in Lewisham and carried out a basic stop and search on the group.  The group revealed machetes and knives and two sub machine guns, whilst George attempted to book the group into the police station a police superintendent appeared and ordered the group to be released without charge in order to prevent the station from being branded racist.  George was disgusted at the decision and felt that he had been betrayed.

George who was nicknamed "Garfield" due to his sleepy eyes that resembled the cartoon character "Garfield"  was originally part of Bob Cryer`s group of police recruits who joined the police force with the intention of maintaining law order, but one night proved too much for George, after he received orders to beat up a group of hippies up down a side street and remove his badge numbers from his uniform, Garfield refused and then left the police force forever.  A number of old fashioned police officers also left the police force in absolute disgust at the force`s attempt to cover up ethnic crime and provoke whites into confrontation in order to balance out arrest figures.  Veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth also condemned the police as thugs and bullies and stated that the entertainment industry had been destroyed by political correctness, Forsyth had been threatened by the police whilst out playing golf.  Bruce was "advised" to tone down the content of his jokes or else a golf club would accidentally slip and hit him in the face and injure him.  So political correctness is destroying every aspect of British society.

Monday, 14 May 2012

                                                    COMMIES BRAGG ABOUT ATTACKING FEMALES

Here`s another

                                                           MARTIN SMITH AT A COMMIE CONFERENCE

                                                          Above Smith talks about strangling fascists

                                                              Smith demonstrates his endowment size

                                                                         Smith enjoys a vodka and tonic

           A member of the audience disagrees with Smith, martin then accuses the person of being a Nazi

                                         APPARENTLY IT`S RACIST TO CELEBRATE ST GEORGE`S DAY

Saturday, 12 May 2012

                                                       GEORGE GALLOWAY`S QUEST FOR POWER

As many of you will already know George Galloway has now entered parliament as a representative of the Bradford community.  George who fuses communist style politics with pro radical Islamic ideology was elected by the Muslim population of Bradford.  In a pre election campaign in front of television cameras a member of the public approached Galloway and asked George a question about what his views on terrorism were, Galloway ran off terrified.  Also when the Respect part bus travelled through Bradford city centre a member of the public pelted the bus with eggs.

Galloway has his own radio programme where he displays his arrogant attitude of Middle Eastern politics, this is an area which Galloway appears to be obsessed with.  The quest for power is nothing new to George`s life and here at the anti fascist we can reveal that Galloway attempted to join the police force in the 1970`s. and completed some basic training duty.  At the same time Galloway was an active member of the communist party and the idea was to "infiltrate" the police force.  One night it all went wrong when Galloway and his associates went out on a pub crawl, the group missed the last bus home and started walking out of Glasgow city centre.  During the journey home George tripped over his flared trousers and injured himself, one of the other group noticed that the incident seemed to put George into a terrible mood.  As the group continued George discovered a cat that had been run over by a car, George picked up the cat by it`s tail and began swinging it around his head, but the tail snapped off and the cat went straight through a front room window.  The group attempted to run off but a police patrol car appeared, it later emerged that the police had been observing the group due to their noisy behaviour.  As the police attempted to arrest the group Galloway shouted out "we are the police".  After a night in the cells the group were released but as result of the incident Galloway`s application to join the police force was denied.

George found the incidence too much to cope with and began to engage in erratic behaviour. One member of the communist party stated that "George really wanted to be a police officer" Galloway began acting out a fantasy that he was a serving police officer, on one occasion a member of the public dropped a crisp packet on the pavement, Galloway rugby tackled the man and made a citizens arrest.  One day George went too far and walked into the offices of the Communist party and declared that everyone was under arrest, the others managed to barricade themselves in the office.  Galloway picked up a portable radiator and attempted to smash the door in.  The police were called and Galloway was arrested.  Galloway confessed everything including hitting people with wet towels and  rolling people up in mattresses and kicking them.  Galloway received a conditional discharge and never re offended.  George decided to continue political career and hit on the idea of exploiting ethnic minorities in order to forge a career.
                                                                           AL C.I.A.D.A IN ACTION

George Bush quoted that "any person with links to the Bin Ladens should be arrested" in that case Bush needs to arrest himself, because the Bush family have had connections with the Bin Ladens for decades.

The C.I.A`s latest manufactured terror plot involving "exploding underpants" involved the use of C.I.A Muslim agent provocateurs.  Anyone suspect anything suspicious?

Friday, 11 May 2012

                                                         THE INVASION OF THE COMMIE ZOMBIES

                                                                    WEYMAN BENNETT HUMOUR

                                             Bennett appears nervous before the interview commences

                                                                  Above fluent in verbal excrement

Bennett after being informed that white people can also be victims of racism, a claim which Bennett denies vigorously.

                Above bennett cracks a joke during a lecture on slavery which induces a moment of euphoria

                                       Weyman on the verge of vomiting after a couple of bottles of sherry

Thursday, 10 May 2012

                                                        COMMIE THUG VIDAL SASSOON DIES AGED 84

Anti fascists are today paying tribute to commie thug Vidal Sassoon who "revolutionised" hair dressing.  Many people are obviously familiar with the name Vidal Sassoon, but a vast percentage of the general public will have no idea that Vidal was a member of a violent post war Jewish extremist communist group called the 43 group.  The organisation that Vidal was a member of committed extreme acts of violence against members of the British union movement, some of the attacks involved the use of a razor in which people had their faces slashed, Vidal called this technique "a five point cut" which was a macabre phrase he would later use in hair dressing.  Although people associate Sassoon with ponce type hair dressing activities, Sassoon had a more dangerous and violent side.

Vidal Sassoon's violent activities resulted in him being put in prison, and being hit a few times by the police who viewed the 43 group as a violent armed paramilitary unit that deliberately chased and pursued the union movement all over London.  Sassoon was at the time being employed as a barber and used to frequently turn up for work at the salon with bruises and cuts, Sassoon would lie to clients that he had that he received the injuries after drinking a bottle of vodka and tumbling down the stairs.

Hope not Hate and numerous other commie sites are paying tribute to Sassoon who was a violent commie thug.

                                                            FASCISTS EXPLOIT THE BURQA ISSUE

It is with complete horror that we have recently discovered that the fascists in the EDL and BNP are now set to wear burqas in order to deceive the police and Islamic community.  Tommy Robinson recently attended an Islamic community meeting dressed in a burqa.  Robinson listened to numerous anti EDL tirades before revealing his true identity and walking away laughing.

Now the fascists of casuals united are encouraging all other fascists to purchase burqas on line and wear them to EDL demos in order to confuse the police.  The fascists have now declared that if the police attempt to request that they remove the burqa then they will quote that it is illegal to do so.

One police officer stated that he saw a group of Muslims in a pub with pints of beer dressed in burqas and stated that this was probably Tommy Robinson before he attended the Islamic community meeting.  The officer forget that Muslims are prohibited from consuming alcohol, and never investigated the group.

Anti fascists campaigners now fear that the BNP and EDL could attempt to enter Muslim areas in disguise in order to provoke a race war.  We are urging all concerned citizens to contact their local police station and put in a formal complaint against the EDL and the BNP for using the burqa.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

                                           EXPLODING UNDERPANTS CAUSE NEW ANTI TERROR LAWS


 Many of you will be familiar with
 an attempted terror plot to blow up an aeroplane by using exploding underpants, it now turns out that the individual involved in the terror plot was a C.I.A agent.  The underpants were actually manufactured by the American Government and tested out on members of the San Fransisco Homosexual community, who had initially agreed to try out the underpants as part of a gay diversity scheme in which the C.I.A would invest millions of pounds into the San Francisco gay community.  After a few tests it was then decided that the exploding underpants would be passed onto to Government hired Muslims who would stage a false terror plot on a plane using exploding underpants and bras.

As a result of this new terror plot the British and American Government have decided to introduce new anti terror laws in order to "prevent" a tragedy.  From now on all white British people must by law remove their underpants for inspection in all airports anyone who fails to comply with this rule could be put prison under the anti terrorism law.  Ian Skrivens of the metropolitan police is now campaigning for CCTV cameras to be placed in people`s toilets in which a police officer would pose as a plumber and fit a camera in people`s bathrooms, this could cost millions pounds but Skrivens was confident that it could be vital in the campaign to counter act terrorism and especially in combating people who wear exploding underpants.  Skrivens has already carried out raids on British pensioners who visit Spain on a regular basis in order to possibly avert a group of British pensioners from attacking Spain`s Arabic history and architecture.  Skrivens stated that he had received orders that a group of racist British pensioners were planning on attacking buildings with Arabic influenced architecture in Spain.

The new anti terror laws do not apply Muslims and any airport staff who even attempt to search Muslims will be incarcerated in prison for religious aggravated harassment.

The actor Bruce Willis is a regular wearer of exploding underpants and has now been banned from travelling from all airports. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

                                                     DAVID CHARLTON SUPPORT UNIT NOW ACTIVE

A new support unit has been founded to support political prisoner David Charlton who was a "victim" of modern day Britain`s tyrannical race laws.  Charlton originally from Washington in Northern England spent 388 days incarcerated in Strangeways prison, which is a notorious and tough prison.  Charlton refused to be broken by the system and refused to repent for his alleged crime of defending ethnic white Britons.  In january 2012 Charlton was released from prison.  Judge Robert Atherton told Charlton that "I hope your behaviour will improve" Charlton then launched an abusive tirade at the judge stating that British people were second class citizens in their own country.  A facebook page dedicated to Charlton (who is a former civil servant) has thousands of supporters.

The new support unit is dedicated to supporting patriotic political prisoners like David Charlton.  For Ten pounds you can join the support group which includes, A cardboard cut out wheel chair, a striped prison shirt, a piece of linen signed by Charlton himself in excrement, regular newsletters on Charlton`s "progress" photo copies of Charlton`s original charge sheet, and exclusive photos of David`s prison cell covered in urine and excrement.  This is a bargain offer you cannot refuse !  We are also considering a David Charlton appreciation day which will be held in Manchester city centre, which will include a march through Manchester city centre in support of Charlton.

According to Matthew "special branch" Collins on Hope not Hate, a far right Danish racist attended the EDL Luton demonstration.  Kasper Mortensen a Danish activist travelled to England to attend the demonstration.  Collins has then published a photograph of the so called racist with his arm around a mixed race supporter of the EDL, this is a complete contradiction in itself.  This proves that so called left wing organisations like Hope not Hate simply do not care about having any credibility what so ever, and are simply comedy sites for people to laugh at.

Monday, 7 May 2012

                                                     COMMIES EXPOSED AS LIARS AND CHARLATANS

The UAF and commie gob piece malatesta are reporting that there was only 800 EDL at Saturday`s march and that the UAF protests had 3,000 people present! unfortunately for the idiots in the UAF and on indymedia, the national media reported that there was actually 3.000 EDL and only 1,000 counter protesters, so it looks like the commies have been caught telling lies again. here`s the link

No doubt the so called "Racists Beware" banners do not apply to the Pakistani gangs that attack lone white people in areas such as Oldham.
Amazing how these commies keep lying in the face of over whelming evidence in an attempt to cover up the fact that their numbers have been reduced to total rubbish.