Monday, 30 September 2013

Scottish pop group The Proclaimers pledge support to Unite Against Fascism

The Scottish pop/folk group The Proclaimers have now been added to the U.A.F`s ever growing list of musical artists that support the movement.  The Proclaimers who support the Irish National Liberation Army are set to play a free concert in Bradford city centre at the U.A.F`s counter protest against the E.D.L`s rally on October the 12th.  The Proclaimers are headed by two identical twins who are the result of the first human cloning scheme that was founded by left wing extremist Tony Blair.
The duo are famous for writing the pop/folk classic "A letter from America" which tells the tale of imprisoned I.R.A members being in correspondence with Kentucky fried chicken in America about the possibility of having extra portions of Kentucky fried chicken being delivered to the maze prison.  The Group is set to perform songs in honour of the S.N.P and I.N.L.A.  The Proclaimers have now declared total devotion to the anti racist cause by marrying a pair of twenty stone African women who have recently arrived in Britain as part of a cultural diversity programme. The duo have also stated that they will be adopting several Vietnamese boat children.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

              Unite Against Fascism set to team up with paedophile gangs for Bradford counter protest.

Weyman Bennett the leader of Unite Against Fascism has called for a counter protest against the English Defence League rally in Bradford city centre in October.  George Galloway has also declared that he will be attending the event where he will address the "local" population and stress the importance of waging jihad on non Muslims.  Galloway who has connections with Turkish drug dealers and Albanian human organ traffickers is now in discussion with Hamas about the possibility of launching a chemical gas attack on the E.D.L rally.  Weyman Bennett stated that he was disgusted by McDonald`s decision to close for the day because of the protests.  The demonstration is set to be filmed by the BBC who have deployed journalist Louis Theroux to interview people.  Theroux has a number of criminal convictions including violent disorder at a American Neo Nazi rally and theft of underpants from Harrods department store in London.

Martin Smith is also due to join the U.A.F counter protest where he hopes to entice vulnerable female U.A.F members back to his flat after the demonstration.  Smith has currently stocked up on bottles of chloroform and G.H.B to use on people.
                          Former Conservative leader Michael Howard exposed as a zionist infiltrator

Michael Howard the former Conservative leader has been finally exposed by a fellow party member as being a pro left wing and  zionist subvert.  The man who did not wish to be named stated that Howard allowed masses of immigrants into Britain despite protests from other conservative members.  Howard`s real name is Hecht and was the son of Jewish immigrants, but changed his name in order to conceal his identity.  Howard stated that he was anti nationalist and that the B.N.P were alien to "our" interests, Howard also stated that his mum was a holocaust survivor who survived being gassed three times, on one occasion the gas actually ran out.  Howard and the Jewish board of deputies visited Margaret Thatcher in the 1980`s and persuaded her to abandon her fight to save the British nation.  Howard also diluted Conservative party policies so much that the party now resembles the Liberal party in it`s ideology.  David Cameron is also part of the left wing clique that has infiltrated the Conservative party. The party is now courting the gay vote in areas like Canal street in Manchester and Soho in London.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Weyman Bennett psychedelic version

Nazi dentist drills out Weyman Bennett`s front teeth

Weyman Bennett from unite against fascism has suffered another loss during a recent visit to his local dentist.  Bennett attended an appointment for a check up, but the dentist stated that Bennett needed immediate work on his teeth.  Bennett received a traditional anesthetic, the dentist "gassed" Bennett and put him to sleep.  When Bennett woke up he staggered out of the dentists and returned home.  When Weyman looked in the mirror he realized that his front teeth had been removed.  Bennett phoned the police, but they claimed that they could not take any action due to Bennett consenting to the treatment.  At a recent U.A.F conference Bennett stated that inflation from Banks was the main cause of the conflict in Syria, and that people were reacting to the capitalist system.  Bennett also stated that Islam is a religion of peace and that polar bears can`t swim.

Weyman Bennett new improved version