Friday, 5 December 2014

Nick Lowles Embarrassed and Angry And Ashamed Of Being British

The Governments decision to withdraw safety boats in the Mediterranean sea has left me feeling ashamed of being British, I am writing a letter to the home office "demanding" that the decision be reversed, in fact I have always been ashamed of being British this is why I am a left wing traitor who associates himself with fatty Collins who is known as the "fat controller" as he is in charge of the Hope Not Hate site and controls the financial department of the organisation, Collins is now demanding that there should be no limit on immigration so that he has an endless supply of cheap rent boys from third world countries, Collins frequently delivers lectures in schools on the Nazi Holocaust describing in graphic detail how Barry Manilow`s parent`s were turned into bars of soaps which can be purchased on E Bay for as little as twenty pounds, Collins is also a member of Alcoholics Anonymous in which he attends group sessions wearing a paper bag over his head claiming that his "inner demons" drove him to become an alcoholic and a peeping tom, Collins used to stand on rubbish bins and peep in on people, but the rubbish bins would frequently collapse under the weight, Collins received numerous beatings which he later admitted to enjoying.

Nick Lowles from Hope Not Hate states that "vulnerable" third world workers needed protection which Lowles offers for thirty pounds an hour by sending Matthew Collins around to the bedsits of the immigrants, Collins can be seen outside the properties wearing leather gloves and a long Black overcoat, Matty frequently goes inside the immigrants bedsits and enjoys a good piss up and a sing song in which he enjoys singing Irish rebel songs while his pants are around his ankles, Collins has a number of Irish associates who work for a local tarmac company while spending their money on pints of Guiness, these left wing anti British activists have now set up a power base of anti British activity being ran from a local builders merchants in Kilburn, this builder`s merchants has banners outside it saying "immigrants welcome" and "smash Fascism".

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Zippy From Rainbow Exposed As A Hardcore Neo Nazi, Written By Nick Lowles On Dodgy Acid Purchased Off Timothy Leary`s Nephew.

Zippy the former television star from the 1970`s and 1980`s has been exposed as a hardcore White power Neo Nazi, this has to come as a complete shock to the entertainment industry and Zippy`s co stars from Rainbow, once again this illustrates that the far Right have their tentacles everywhere, The B.N.P have been keen to put out a story that Zippy will be standing as a candidate for them in the next general election as part of a publicity stunt aimed at frightening the general public about a mass tidal wave of immigration coming in across the English channel from France.  Zippy is expected to be wearing a pair of fourteen eyelet DR Marten boots and a Skrewdriver T-Shirt aimed at getting young White people back into White man`s music.  Matthew Collins from Hope Not Hate condemned the use of Zippy in the elections as infantile and potentially dangerous, Collins who previously starred in Tales of the unexpected and Jackanory in which a Collins climbed up a giant Beanstalk made out of used men`s underpants only to arrive at the top to be greeted by his old pal Michael Barrymore who was sat on a throne shaped as a dildo Barrymore was doing a few lines of coke.  Collins stated that people needed to hang up their boots and stop kicking ethnic minorities when they were down on him, Matty talks about getting in touch with nature by sleeping out rough and gaining insight into the "real" world by buying cheap blow up dolls dressed up as Freddie Mercury from Queen, Collins talks about having people on their "knees" and "begging" for it and that the general public needed their faces "rubbing in it" for voting the conservatives back into power, meanwhile Gerry Gable has been calling people freaks for voting for the B.N.P, Gable is still promoting violence against "Fascists" Gable`s front door is reinforced with steel bolts and an army of workers supporting the door in case a "pissed up" Fascist attempts to kick down his front door, but Gable is no stranger that having his "back door" kicked in by his wife Sonia while she is wearing a nine inch Black strap on, something which Gable enjoys on a regular basis.  Gerry quotes the battle of Cable street while he is being shafted by his wife, and then phones up Weyman Bennett to add the excitement.

Gerry is into old time Hardcore and wears a jacket with "Hardcore United" written on the back, Gable stills enjoys a bit of burglary while wearing a black mask and a stripped sweater and a black sack with "swag" written out, of Gerry also still likes to pose as a "dodgy" gas man when knocking on their front doors in an attempt to rummage through the house searching for documents that deny the holocaust and question certain elements of it that are now being viewed as seriously "dodgy" and fabricated.  Matthew Collins from Hope Not Hate has fallen out with Gable big time because of a general "clash" of personalities, and money!!!!, Gable is a typical gold digger who regularly goes out with a metal detector searching for gold teeth that he suspects could be buried next his local Marks and Spencers supermarket which is monitored by Ian Skivens from the London metropoilitan counter terrorism unit, Skivens currently has flu due to an altercation with a poofta with a croaky voice who was talking to Skivens in a bar while Skivens was "on duty"  Skivens also claimed that he had lost all his money and woke up in some bushes the next morning with his pants around his ankles, with virtually no recollection of the previous night, this proves that even members of the police force are not safe from organised criminals who are on the streets of Britain waiting to pounce on people.

Skivens (see above photo) regularly attends English Defence League demonstrators where he "works" as an" intelligence" officer" spotting people from around the country one E.D.L supporter was being followed by Skivens so much that he thought he was a gay stalker, the E.D.L supporter phoned 999 only to go straight through to Skivens`s answering machine, Skivens was unable to answer the phone due to discomfort from his nocturnal activities which had rendered him to sitting on the toilet all day, skivens receives double time  in his wages for attending E.D.L demonstrations.  The London Metropolitan police have stated that they treat everybody "equal" and will arrest any person caught committing a criminal offence, such as displaying the union jack and protesting against immigration, something which Skivens is repulsed by, many years ago being a police officer was a mark of respect in which the officer lived his local community and protected members of the public, this type of police is now totally alien to the likes of Skivens who acts more of an arm of the Government by sneaking around pubs and back snickets having an orgasm over the possibility he might see a football fan drop some littler or use some Racist language or throw a banana at a Black person, something which Skivens has vowed to "stamp" out from society, Ian stated that the days when people threw bananas at Blacks were finished.